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Conference Topics

Please DOWNLOAD the NanoSMat 2007 programme below.

Symposia Symposia titles Organisers
UND Ultrananocrystalline diamond and other NanoCarbons D. Gruen, USA; Paola Bruno, USA
NCT NanoCatalysis A. Doyle, UK; G. Fierro, Italy
NMD Nanomedicine R. Gaspar, Portugal
NFC NanoFabrication and NanoCharacterisation Y. Huang, UK
NPS NanoPorous Semiconductors G. Mattei, Italy; R. Polini, Italy
NFC Nanocomposite films and coatings Sam Zhang, Singapore; J. J. Moore, USA
INM Developments in Nanomanufacturing W. Ahmed, UK; M. J. Jackson, USA
BBE Nano particles for biomedical applications E. I. Meletis, USA, N. S. Hussain, Portugal; J. D. Santos, Portugal
SEN Surface Engineering cutting tools at the Nanoscale M. Sarwar, UK
CNT Carbon Nanotubes W. I. Milne, UK; N. Ali, Portugal
SBN Surface Science: from bulk to nanoscale A. Jadoon, UK
NET Nanotechnology Approaches, Nanomaterials and Thin Films for Energy Technologies Vasco Teixeira, Portugal; A. McEvoy, Switzerland; J. Bisquert, Spain.


Short abstracts of maximum one A4 page length (with no figures or tables integrated) on any of the above topics should be e-mailed to by 28 February 2007.

To download the NanoSMat 2007 programme, please click below.

Download NanoSMat 2007 Programme






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